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3 Tips for Building an Anti-Bullying School Culture
3 Tips for Building an Anti-Bullying School Culture

October is bullying prevention month. As a teacher, I had a vision of ensuring that the students I taught would not only learn English, but that they would become empathetic people and treat others with respect. A teacher, I thought, should create an environment that encourages this effort beyond just words or posters on the […]

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October 02, 2018
1:00 PM MST

Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction: Activities and Routines, K – 12 with Donald Bear

Explore word study activities and schedules. We’ll sort together across the developmental continuum to see how phonics, spelling, and vocabulary are integrated in instruction. Concept sorts and other practices to teach vocabulary are introduced. Classroom routines for teacher-guided small group, and independent learning are introduced. Spelling routines are considered as part of word study to teach both phonics and vocabulary, a reconceptualization of how and why we teach spelling. Instructional practices with English learners are presented throughout.

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